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IC Contact - Mailbox & Radio

FREQUENCY: 625.04750
DESCRIPTION: Unless she is busy she will reply promptly.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door
DESCRIPTION: Mail is best left in the cute little blue and white mailbox. She will check it regularly.
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[ oct. 5th, portland au ]

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[ After this and going with the assumption they exchanged numbers at some point in time— ]

Heads up.
There's a new faerie in town.
One Her Majesty is not at all pleased with.
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[ Thank goodness for purely magical beings being luddites. ]

Called themselves a Wild Fae? Wyld Fae?

[ Eh, whichever. ]

They're the one behind the Animal Fair.
Said since the Courts wouldn't throw them a welcoming party, they were going to throw one instead.
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Don't think they care.
Guess we'll find out for sure.
Her Majesty is sending me back with a message for them.

[ So, you know, in case he's suddenly gone forever, that's probably why. ]
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Planning to charge in like a knight in shining armor if I don't get back out of the forest soon enough?
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While I appreciate the sentiment, I look awful in a princess dress.
So let's hope for the best.