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JOINED: May 2017


1ST CONTRACT: She accidentally watched a show without paying.

CONTACT: Plurk - BouncyErbear; Discord - bouncyerbear #9190
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FREQUENCY: 625.04750
DESCRIPTION: Unless she is busy she will reply promptly.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door
DESCRIPTION: Mail is best left in the cute little blue and white mailbox. She will check it regularly.


May. 2nd, 2017 06:41 pm
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Please direct all feedback, constructive criticism, and what have you to my catch-all HMD.

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Name: Erica
Contact: bouncyerbear [plurk], bouncyerbear #9190 [discord], [email]
Other Characters: None

Character Name: Pearl
Age: Thousands of Years
Species: Gem
Canon: Steven Universe
Canon Point: Post "Bismuth"
Character Info: Link
Despite her gem's lack of facets, Pearl has many facets to her personality. When people meet Pearl for the first time they are most likely to pick up on her polite and proper way of behaving, her poise and grace. Pearl is a perfectionist and this leaches into most aspects of how she presents herself: hair neatly styled, clothes symmetrical and clean, her posture straight and she walks with grace. When it comes to daily chores she actually prefers to do them herself -- taking on most household responsibilities just because she has a particular way of doing them and knows none of her fellow gems will get the job done quite right. She's organized and believes everything has a proper place to be stored and sorted. It can be so bad sometimes that she'll take on the responsibility of sorting other people's things. She just simply cannot stand mess or chaos. Pearl prefers logic, patterns, and symmetry. She even brags about having a talent for fact. When things don't fall into place she can get easily flustered or angered -- especially when they defy her expectations.

While Pearl often presents herself as put-together and in control, she is actually fairly sensitive and has low self-confidence. She has gotten better at trusting in her own decisions, but for a very long time she relied on others to tell her what to do and who she should be. Pearl yearned to feel validated and after she lost Rose she looked for others to be her leader. She struggles with this even now, defining herself by her relationship with the other gems, her purpose in the group, and what they need from her. If she feels unneeded, her esteem will often take a hit. This likely stems from her past as a pearl in the Homeworld caste system. After all, back in Homeworld pearls were viewed as pretty arm candy and little else. She has come a long way from that, but at the same time it is something she still struggles with. But, hey, she's started to stand up for herself and is certainly no longer a pushover by any means.

Overall her outlook on life can veer on the negative or pessimistic side of things. She is prone to crying more so than any other gem and wears her emotions on her sleeve more so than most. She cares a lot, despite what her rigid behavior would have you think, and this means she winds up feeling hurt and alone quite a bit. She wants to be stronger and more rebellious, but it can be difficult when you're just so used to other people telling you what to do or you're just set in your ways.

Besides, Pearl has her own way of rebelling. She is passionate in defending those she cares about and will often push herself beyond her limits to prove she can do more for them. She can be over protective of Steven especially, and often times she is probably the most motherly of the gems left to care for Rose's son. She takes her job as protector of the Earth very seriously and sees it as her personal duty to educate Stephen as best she can -- Connie too, now that the girl has shown she is capable in a fight. Once Pearl has dedicated herself to something she can be quite stubborn in changing her ways. Pearl has a system and likes things to be planned out -- so when that gets thrown out the window she often feels lost or not sure how to proceed. She is very direction and goal oriented in that sense.

+ Bladed Weapon Proficiency-- While her signature weapon is a spear, Pearl has shown proficiency and mastery of most bladed weapons including tridents, swords, and axes. She had a fascination with the Earth concept of knights and probably just ran with that -- learning to wield as many weapons for Rose's war as she could. She's so skilled that she can even dual wield weapons such as spears and swords and still be very formidable with these items.
+ Engineering-- Pearl has taught herself a lot about mechanics, engineering, and how to build and fix things. She can do everything from patch a car to build functional robots and semi-functional space ships. She even shows competency in "hacking" gem tech or breaking it down and figuring out how it works.
+ Pilot/Driver-- Pearl can operate a car and fly a space ship. It wouldn't be hard to imagine Pearl has taught herself how to operate most machinery to some degree or, at the very least, is intelligent and skilled enough to figure it out. She is even competent enough to lose a cop in a car chase.
+ Item Summon -- Like most gems, Pearl has a weapon she can summon at will from her gem. In this case it takes the form of a spear with a spiral tip. However, Pearl has also demonstrated that she is capable of storing other items in her gem as well. Aside from her spear though most of these items have been small in size, including tape and bandages and a mirror. It's unlikely she has infinite storage or, at the very least, that she can store large items in her gem besides the spear.
+ Energy Projection -- Using her spear, Pearl can shoot blasts of energy at enemies. These blasts are not overly powerful, but destructive.
+ Light Manipulation -- Pearl can do a lot with that gem on her forehead and one versatile ability is manipulating light. Not only can she project a glow from the gem to light up her surroundings, but she can also project images like a hologram for others to see. Taking this ability a step further, she can also create holographic duplicates of herself and models of others. The projections can function autonomous of her to some degree and she often uses them for training purposes -- much to Steven's trauma.
+ Fusion -- Pearl is a gem and so when she has a strong bond an is insync with another gem she can fuse with them to create an entirely new being. So far she has become Opal, Rainbow Quartz, Sardonyx, and Alexandrite.
+ Enhanced Condition -- As a gem, Pearl is exceptionally durable. She has a higher stamina than humans and can go without sleeping or eating. She can also jump higher, hit harder, and is all around more powerful than a human. It should also be noted that as a gem her form is not entirely physical but a projection from her gem. She feels physical -- but if injured she will 'poof' out of existence and retreat into her gem. This physiology also extends to effecting her shape, size, and even her gravity in certain situations. Gems were made to adapt to all kinds of places.
+ Bubbling -- Pearl can put a protective bubble around small objects and send them 'home' for storage. This is how the gems protect and gather corrupted gems from around Beach City.
+ Shape Shifting -- Pearl is not shown using this ability, but it has been stated that all gems can shape shift and Pearl is likely no exception to this. She just prefers not to.

Soul Colour: Light Blue
Ideal Jobs:
1. Acrobat or Performer
2. Magician
3. Repairman
Relevant Experience:
1. Acrobat or Performer - Pearl is known for her grace, flexibility, and ballet-like movements. She is light and can clearly execute flips, spins, and other moves that would make her ideal for this type of performance. Not to mention she's been shown dancing on the railing of a balcony once already. Her ability to use weapons would add an extra level of daring to her act. She is also very resilient and durable -- which means falls from heights probably won't injure her as much as most. If not an acrobat, she could always do some sort of routine on the ground with swords, spears, blades, and her dancing I'm sure.
2. Magician - Pearl's abilities allow for use of projections and duplicates which would be fairly easy to change into a magic act. She's also 1/2 of a magician based fusion, so there's a chance she might know some tricks from that. Again, her grace and flexibility would make for an added beauty to her performances. She might even function as a magician's assistance given her build and familiarity with blades.
3. Repairman - Pearl has shown herself to be extremely capable at building and repairing various mechanical equipment, not to mention operating it. She even built a space ship from a box of scraps, but of course it blew up in space fairly quickly. However, Pearl is extremely capable and honestly the space ship was probably mostly up to the materials and less because of Pearl's technical abilities. She HAS built functioning robots and helped build a drill that dug into the earth's crust after all.
Reason for Joining: Pearl's curiosity got the better of her and she wandered in to one of the attractions without paying. To be fair, it didn't LOOK like anyone was collecting money or tickets. Pearl does not carry a wallet on her person because she's a gem and has no need for currency most of the time. This, of course, back fired terribly and Pearl has now been conscripted into service. Whoops.

Pearl may not have been exactly happy to be here, but even she couldn't resist her natural urge to organize. A carnival and circus was naturally chaotic and seemed like it would be at odds with Pearl's sensibilities. At first she'd been almost overwhelmed by everything, but now that she'd been here awhile she was starting to notice that there actually was some structure to this place. She realized she couldn't just reorganize everything about this place -- honestly that would probably get her ANOTHER year on her sentence.

But, she could help in the Cookhouse. Pearl may have strongly disliked eating, but she actually found something pleasant in the act of cooking and baking. It made sense how ingredients came together and created something new. If nothing else, Pearl appreciated how orderly a kitchen could be and she wanted to see if this was a place she could help when she wasn't "on the job."

Sure enough, the Cookhouse is what she had expected it to be. There were a few other workers sitting around and chatting, but Pearl made a beeline for the kitchen area. Her eyes took in the setup, "Well. It's not as disorganized as I thought. That's promising." Pearl started digging around and, figuring this space was open for their use anyway, started putting together a pot of tea. This place made her anxious for a number of reasons, so falling back on old habits brings her a moment of peace. She isn't even sure she is going to drink the tea -- it's not something she does often -- but just the process of making it is enough. Who knows, maybe she can offer some to the others she is stuck here with. If nothing else she needs to find Amethyst to offer her the left over bags.


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