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Jul. 22nd, 2017 12:42 am
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Who: Anyone, anywhere in Portland.
When: October 22nd - 31st, 2017
Where: In Portland, for the last time.
What: The seasons change as the Winter Court seizes a surprise victory, claiming both the Tree of Life's pendant and the blood catalyst needed to take control of the Severing Ritual. Meanwhile, interdimensional problems are about to get more weird. Check out the conflict results for the attack on the Circle as well as the Beast's attack on the Summer Court here.
Warnings: Individually marked!


As the end of October nears, so does the grasp of winter. On the night of the 22nd, it will freeze overnight, and the temperature will drop for the following days. As the night grow long, world-wide magic slowly reaches it apex, set to reach it on the night of Halloween. With so many factors at play, knowing what to do with that moment of power may be a challenge.

► FULL CIRCLE: The Angels succeed in their planned attack on the Circle, managing to get to the living quarters of the Council members with the help of Ashleigh Mischief. The plan goes without much resistance from the mages or from the demons attempting to claim the ritual object for their own. Of course, when the fae make a surprise attack on the Angels after they flee the scene, it has the surprise result of the Winter Court ended up with the pendant in their talons. Threads for this attack can be done in this log. If you need mod direction at all, let us know, but otherwise feel free to NPC demons, angels, or random Circle members as you require.

► THE QUEEN'S GARDEN: Realizing that the Rose Queen is distracted with attempting to claim the pendant, the Beast will summon her co-conspirators to raid the Queen's gardens. The ultimate plan seems to be to get the Beast far enough into the gardens to kill the Queen, while also rescuing as many changelings as possible along the way. As it turns out, this doesn't go well. While they do manage to penetrate the gardens with Childermass's help, the Rose Queen, Ignatius, and Nightshade happen to all be there. Seriously outnumbered, even by the Beast's terms, it will take everything the group has to just make it out alive, sustaining heavy injuries as they go. In the end they will manage to rescue Greg universe and four additional changelings that were imprisoned there, but any damage done to the Summer Court itself will be negligible. Threads for this can also be played out here!

► REFLECTIONS: As the ritual draws closer, the line between this reality and the one you came from will also be becoming less clear. Regaining memories is not required, but it will naturally become easier to occur, especially if you're already started receiving them. It's a good time to start making connections, while you still have the chance.

► THE SEVERING: One way or another, the Severing is going to make an impact on both this world and the lives of those trapped inside of it. The Angels are going to be making an attempt to interrupt the Winter Court's ritual, as will the Summer Court and Anath's forces. Whoever comes up on top will be the ones to decide what to be done with it. Yet, with news that the Severing continuing could cause irreversible damage to the planet's spirit, it could feel like there are no perfect options. There will be an event header put up for this by the mods closer to the end of July.

(NOTE: canon powers will returning while the ritual is in progress, so keep that in mind for planning - both sets of powers will be active.)


Jul. 21st, 2017 10:21 am
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The end of the event is drawing near, and while some investigation is still being resolved, the bulk of the plot's mysteries have been exposed in some form or another. This means it's time to talk about what will be happening as this event comes to a close - and in the case of this particular post, what your characters will be taking away from it!

The event will be ending with the Winter Court attempting to take control of the Severing Spell on the night of Halloween. It will be the player's role to make sure they are able to take control of it in order to bring it down, or at least to get everyone back to the carnival. How exactly that will play out is still up in the air, but once everyone is returned to the carnival (one way or the other) they will retain some memories and skills from their alternate lives.

Everything that occurred during the month long event will be in perfect clarity, but memories of their alternate backstories will be fuzzier, and will conflict less harshly as their true histories reassert dominance. However, that doesn't mean that new identity and new history is gone for good. Complete or not, it will still be a part of your character, and major backstory events will remain in mind, even if it feels more distant and confused than their original lives.

Beyond those memories, the characters will be able to potentially bring some other traits and skills with them, as outlined in this post.



Jul. 20th, 2017 09:49 am
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The time has come to decide who is coming up on top in the battle for the ritual component required for the execution and control of the spell intended to take control of the Severing. As voted by the players, this will be decided by dice rolls, modified with bonuses based on the in-game situation and player character support. There's going to be some cause and effect here, so each stage will have to be rolled separately, as how much they win or lose by may effect them in the next conflict.

The dice are going to be rolled publicly on the mod plurk ([plurk.com profile] lostcarnival), and the results will be posted here. This is an organizational post to make sure this information all ends up in the same place, and is publicly accessible to all players. Each team requires two things to successfully take control of the Severing: this ritual component, and a powerful caster with a blood connection to one of the rewritten carnival members, who will be used as a catalyst. The catalyst must be at least half human. Here is a rundown of the current teams:

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Jul. 19th, 2017 05:36 pm
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Who: Ginko and Foster (and Steven and Greg and Psi)
When: October 18th
Where: Foster’s apartment
What: Foster helps Ginko with his fae flower problem.
Warnings: Mind control, probably talk of attempted kidnapping?? Also like. Eye socket trauma.
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Jul. 13th, 2017 11:02 am
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Or, more specifically, Lost Carnival's test drive meme! This is an opportunity to try out your characters in the setting before you apply, or to put together samples for characters you've never played before. There are going to be options for both new arrivals and veteran characters. Before we get started, let's lay down some details:
  • You can (and should) read the full premise here.
  • Reserves are now OPEN, and Applications are currently CLOSED, but will be opening as of August 1st!
  • You can apply as a newcomer or as a "veteran" character who has been in the carnival for up to three years. In the case of veteran characters, you will need to come up with an explanation of why they haven't been around the carnival recently.
  • TDM threads can be used as game canon after the fact if both characters are accepted, the players agree to it, and it makes any sense contextually.
  • If you are interested in additional IC and OOC plot responsibilities, consider applying for a Supervisor position. Head Cook and Treasurer are currently open. Otherwise, we're pretty much down for anything, roles wise.

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